Miyerkules, Hunyo 27, 2012

Two Page Summary of the Modules Available plus a Worksheet

Since the promise of the Department of Education to provide the students with the copy of the module had not been materialized yet, I came up with a shortened version of it and publish it in a newspaper format in two pages which can easy be reproduced. It contains the key concepts which are directly in lined with the objectives given in the Teacher's Manual. Included also is an Activity Sheet for the whole module. It can be easily edited and revised if necessary to suit the needs and innovations of the teacher. I am still working on publishing it using other application through which you can view and download if liked. But for now, a copy can easily be forwarded to you through your e-mail. All you have to do is to send me a message using this number: 09189631765 or send a message through e-mail: reinhard7766@yahoo.com or through my facebook account.

Here are some Examples of which: A copy for module number 2 and a worksheet for the survey for Multiple Intelligence

What I did with this is cover it with plastic using a page of a clear book which you can buy for 32.75 with 10 pieces. Then have your students use them. Only those students who would wish to have their own copy must pay 1 peso for the pub. What I did with survey for Multiple Intelligence was have it as an assignment; accomplish Unang Bahagi. I also gave my students another option, that is to do the survey on line at http://www.literaryworks.org/mi/assessment/findmystrengths.html. All they have to do is to print the result. Included in that site was a graph and the  interpretation of the result.

So guys if you want to have a copy you know what to do.

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