Miyerkules, Hunyo 27, 2012

Creating a Network of Teachers

I was not really sure I was lucky when I was picked among First Year teachers in Values Education to attend the five-day training/seminar on K-12 Project of the Department of Education at the Philippine Normal University last May 29-June 2 this year. And the day before the graduation, I was tasked to share my insight about just anything about my five day experience - that was the instruction I received, which I thought lightened the burden because now I can pick any topic I loved about the seminar. And just like any other seminar this is what I really loved: TEACHERS TEACHING TEACHERS.

Undeniably, I learned lots of things from the speakers: the rationale behind the project, its content and the how it can be implemented in a classroom setting, thanks to all the practical guides shared. But I was really helped by the thoughts; simple and complex maybe, abstract or practical, exchanged among teachers during the course. And I realized that if this kind of give-and-take relationship would be utilized and managed well, it can be an inexhaustible source of help, views, and a highway where exchange of information can be facilitated. I told my fellow teachers, shown in that five-day seminar,  that the greatest asset of a teacher is the fellow sitting right next to them. Driven with the same vocation and passion, faced with the same challenges, sharing same dreams or hopes, our fellow teachers are the best lifelines for teachers.

It is for this reason that I open this account; to create a mean where teachers can meet, exchange views and opinions, and of course materials and strategies to make teaching really a collaborative effort. It is also hoped that through this medium, we can also create opportunities which might help teachers in other possible ways. Feedback will always be welcome as well as suggestions and alternatives.


Reinhard Fietas

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